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Transparent Consulting has partnered with Tomorrow's Company, Snap Surveys and Call Britannia to produce the Employee Engagement Index for FTSE-100 companies. The index ranks FTSE-100 companies on the basis of the actions they take to engage with employees. The published index contains the top 30 companies′ position on the list. Our report sets out the differences in engagement practices between sectors. We describe sectors where companies stand out with different approaches. Finally, we give case study examples of particular good practices.

Key findings:

  1. Companies and sectors which prioritise customer satisfaction are also the ones that seem to find it worthwhile to give attention to employee engagement.
  2. The world of engagement is changing: large companies are listening to staff more frequently and at a more specific local level than ever before.
  3. Reporting hasn′t yet caught up. Although more effort is going into engaging with staff, only a quarter of companies give data engagement scores that are comparable from one year to the next.

Other Services

Transparent Consulting provides detailed benchmarking to the FTSE-100 companies that participated in the online survey. Reports, advice and benchmarking on employee engagement are also available on demand to other organisations using the same methodology. Please email for further information:

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Press coverage for the Employee Engagement Action Index:
Observer, 22 August 2010

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